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Private jet travel is often associated with luxury and exclusivity, but it's not just for the rich and famous. In truth,private jet chartercan be a practical and economical option for those who value their time and convenience. For most, before plunging into exploring thecost of owning your own private jet, they first look to charter as needed. If you're considering a private jet charter flight, you might be wondering what kind of cost you can expect. That's where a private jet charter cost calculator comes in. We'll help you understand all the costs and factors involved in booking a private jet charter so you can make a more informed decision. If you're looking for more than just a one-off charter and plan on using private aviation more often, check out our guide onjet fractional ownership.

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How are private jet charter prices calculated?

A private jet flight is charged by the hour, so the total cost will be the number of flight hours multiplied by the cost per hour. For example, if you have a 3-hour flight at $3,500 per hour, your base flight rate will be $10,500. In addition to the basic fee, for most flights you will also have to pay miscellaneous fees such ascar rent, catering, landing fees, taxes and other fees that will add to the overall cost.

Firstly, there are four main factors that influence the calculation of private jet charter prices:

  • The type of aircraft chartered
  • The flight distance (calculated in nautical miles)
  • time of the year
  • additional services

Factors that affect the cost of renting private jets

Before you start getting quotes for a private jet charter flight, let's look at the factors that influence the total cost of a private jet charter. These factors include aircraft type, flight distance, travel time and additional services requested.

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Type of aircraft for your charter

There are several types of private jets to choose from, each with its own specifications and price range. The cost of your charter flight largely depends on the size and level of luxury you prefer.turbofansor smaller jets such asvery light jets(VLJs), offer a more economical option, while larger, more luxurious jets, such as Heavy Jets, can cost significantly more. For example, if you intend to charter aPilate PC-12would cost less per hour than theGulfstream G650.

Number of People Traveling

When considering the cost of a private jet charter, the number of people on board significantly affects the overall price. As the number of passengers increases, the size and type of aircraft needed also change, leading to higher cost.

flight distance

Flight distance and time also play a significant role in determining the cost of your private jet charter. Longer flights typically require larger aircraft with greater fuel capacity, increasing the overall cost. Because you pay by the hour, sometimes you need to optimize for travel speed or economy. Agood charter brokerwill help you make an informed decision.

Travel Time and Additional Services

The timing of your trip can also affect the cost of your private jet charter. Peaktravel seasonsand holidays can result in higher demand, leading to higher prices. Most private jet operators will help you avoid peak season dates, so it's best to have flexible travel plans within a day or two to help bring down the cost of your trip.

In addition to the cost of pilots and the cost of the aircraft, some private jet companies offer additional services to enhance the experience. Some, like a flight attendant, may be federally regulated based on the size of the aircraft. Others, such as in-flight catering, may be optional, but they greatly enhance the experience and, compared to flight time, represent a small part of the total cost.

Some of the additional costs include:

  • Ground transportation, including car rental or limousine services
  • Catering on board, including food and drink
  • Costs with flight attendants
  • special accommodations
  • Which airport do you choose to land at
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How do I find a cheap private jet rental?

When it comes to private jet charters, the term “cheap” is relative. While it's true that private jets are generally more expensive than commercial flights, there are ways to find more affordable options. The key is knowing where to look and how to calculate costs.

Empty leg flights: how do they work?

An empty-leg charter flight is a term used in the private jet industry to describe a one-way flight that has no passengers on board. This happens when a private jet has been chartered for a one-way trip and needs to return to its base or other destination without any passengers. The term “empty leg” refers to the fact that the aircraft is flying without any paying passengers, making it an “empty” flight.

Empty-leg charter flights can be a cost-effective way to fly a private jet, as the carrier may offer the flight at a discount to offset some of the empty-leg costs. This can be a win-win situation for both the operator and the customer, as the operator can generate some revenue on an empty flight and the customer can fly a private jet at a lower cost than usual. pay.

However, it is important to note that empty segment charter flights are not always available as they are dependent on the specific travel plans of other customers. Additionally, the timing and route of an empty segment flight does not always align with the customer's travel needs, so it is important to be flexible and open to different options when considering an empty segment chartered flight.

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Typical fee structures on a private jet charter calculator

When you look at your invoice, the following charges may be itemized on your final invoice to show how much each piece costs.

rate typeDescription
Basic charter rateThe cost of renting the private jet for a specific duration and distance.
Fuel SurchargeAdditional fee to cover the cost of fuel, which may vary according to market rates.
Landing and handling feesFees charged by airports for the use of their facilities and services.
crew feesCompensation for flight crew, including pilot and flight attendants.
Catering FeesCost of meals, snacks and drinks on board, depending on the chosen menu.
overnight expensesAccommodation and crew expenses during overnight stays.
Aircraft CleaningAircraft cleaning fee after the chartered trip.
hangar feeCost of parking or storing the aircraft in a hangar, if applicable.
Taxes and feesApplicable taxes such as sales tax or passenger tax and any other applicable fees.
Extra FeesAny additional charges for services or special requests such as Wi-Fi access or pets on board.

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Different types of aircraft available for private jet charters

When it comes to chartering a private executive jet, there are several types available, each offering unique features and capabilities to suit different travel needs. Here are the main categories of business jets commonly available for charter, along with a data table showing examples of popular aircraft within each category, along with their estimated hourly charter costs:

Very Light Jets (VLJs) for Chartering

Very light jets are compact aircraft designed for shorter trips. They usually accommodate four to seven passengers and are ideal for regional travel or quick business trips. VLJs are known for their agility, economy and ability to operate on shorter runways, providing access to a wide variety of airports. Some examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Cessna Citation M21.550US$ 1.800 – US$ 2.200
Embraer Phenom 1001.178US$ 1.600 – US$ 1.900
HondaJet HA-4201.223US$ 1.900 – US$ 2.300

Light jets available for charter

Light jets offer a step up in size, range and performance compared to VLJs. They can accommodate six to nine passengers and offer greater comfort and amenities. Light jets are suitable for short and medium haul flights, offering greater speed and range capability. They are often chosen for business travel, combining efficiency with a luxurious travel experience. Some examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Cessna Citation CJ3+2.040US$ 2.500 – US$ 3.000
Embraer Phenom 3001.971US$ 2.800 – US$ 3.400
Bombardier Learjet 752.040US$ 3.000 – US$ 3.600

Midsize jets for private jet charter

Midsize jets provide a balance between cabin space and range capabilities. With seating capacities ranging from seven to nine passengers, these jets offer greater interior comfort and amenities. Midsize jets are suitable for longer flights, offering enough range to reach multiple destinations. Some examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Cessna Citation Latitude2.700US$ 3.200 – US$ 3.800
Bombardier Challenger 3503.200US$ 3.600 – US$ 4.400
Gulfstream G2003.400US$ 4.200 – US$ 5.000

Super Midsize Jets for Private Jet Charters

Super mid-size jets offer greater range and more cabin space compared to mid-size jets. With seating capacities ranging from eight to ten passengers, they offer increased comfort, extended range and additional amenities. Some examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Bombardier Challenger 3003.100US$ 4.000 – US$ 4.800
Gulfstream G2803.600US$ 4.500 – US$ 5.400
Embraer Legacy 5003.125US$ 3.800 – US$ 4.600

Large cabin jets available for private jet charter

Large cabin jets are designed to offer spacious and luxurious interiors for long range travel. With seating capacities ranging from nine to sixteen passengers, these jets offer ample space for passengers to work, relax and enjoy their journey. Some examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Gulfstream G4504.350$ 7.500 - $ 9.000
Bombardier Global 50005.200US$ 8.500 – US$ 10.000
Dassault Falcon 900LX4.750US$ 8.000 – US$ 9.600

Long range executive jets for private jet charter

Long range jets offer excellent range capabilities, allowing nonstop travel on intercontinental routes. These jets typically have spacious cabins and luxurious amenities to ensure a comfortable and productive journey. With seating capacities ranging from ten to sixteen passengers, the long-haul jets offer the flexibility to reach multiple global destinations. Some examples include

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Bombardier Global 60006.000$ 9.000 - $ 11.000
Dassault Falcon 7X5.950$ 10.000 - $ 12.000
Gulfstream G5506.750$ 11.000 - $ 13.000

Ultra Long Range Jets for Private Jet Chartering

Ultra-long-range jets are at the top end of the business jet spectrum, offering the ultimate in luxury, range and performance. These jets can carry passengers on direct flights over long distances, including transoceanic routes. With seating capacities generally ranging from ten to nineteen passengers, ultra-long-range jets offer luxurious amenities, spacious cabins and often feature state-of-the-art technology. Some of the examples include:

Aircraft ModelAlcance (nm)Estimated charter cost per hour (USD)
Gulfstream G6507.000$ 10.000 - $ 12.000
Bombardier Global 75007.700$ 11.000 - $ 13.000
Dassault Falcon 8X6.450$ 10.000 - $ 12.000

Frequently Asked Questions about Private Jet Charter Cost Calculators

How much does it cost to charter a private jet?

The cost of chartering a private jet can vary greatly depending on a number of factors. These factors include the size and type of aircraft, flight distance, number of passengers and desired amenities. For example, a short flight in a small aircraft with basic amenities can cost around $2,000 to $5,000, while a long-haul flight in a larger aircraft with luxurious amenities can cost upwards of $100,000 or more. If you are looking for a private jet charter cost calculator, contact a broker for an instant quote.

Is it cheaper to charter a private jet or buy a first class ticket?

Most of the time, it's cheaper to buy a first class ticket to get to your destination. That equation changes if you have a bunch of people flying from small town to small town, where it can be about the same cost to fly first class as it does on a private jet. If you factor in the cost of your time and the rising cost of hotels, the cost of flying a private jet can become much more reasonable.

Can I save by booking a one-way private jet charter?

Booking a one-way private jet charter can save you money, but it depends on several factors. One of the biggest factors is aircraft availability. If the aircraft is already scheduled to fly to its destination, the carrier may be willing to offer a discounted rate for the return flight. However, if the aircraft is not scheduled to fly back, you may have to pay a higher fare for the one-way trip.

Are there any hidden costs associated with private jet charters?

Hidden costs are relative. If you have a reputable charter broker or reputable charter operator they should be transparent with their pricing. However, there are many bad actors in the private aviation space, so it's important to check your sources for appropriate safety ratings and verify their reviews.

Can I take my pets on a chartered private jet?

Most of the time, yes. It's important to check with the charter operator to ensure they don't have any pet policies that prohibit you from bringing your pets with animalsalthough it often makes for a more pleasant experience.

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