Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (2023)

Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (1)

Mississippii'm a beautiful state in the US located perfectly along thegulf of mexico. With such a stunning coastline, there are many charming seaside towns in various sizes. Visitors will fall in love with the state after visiting some of the cities on this carefully compiled list of cities that are safe, beautiful, relaxing and fun, and welcoming to new residents and tourists alike. These cities pride themselves on taking care of their natural fauna and flora and the beaches and wetlands in which they reside. Try the fresh seafood offered by beloved local restaurants, visit historic museums, art galleries, islands and resorts. Visitors can fall in love with this underrated state of 2.95 million people!

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Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (2)

Famous for the city of 49,241 inhabitants,Biloxi, Mississippi, has beautiful sandy beaches, excellent seafood and countless attractions and resorts - a great destination for a seaside getaway. Once known as the seafood capital of the world, foodies will be in heaven when they visit Biloxi. This seaside town is famous for its prawns! The city of Biloxi offers numerous shrimp-related attractions such as the Shrimp Boat Tours, where tourists are taken on a shrimp boat and experience how they are caught and the best ways to cook and eat them. If that's not enough for seafood lovers, the Seafood Museum will be a seafood enthusiast's delight! For visitors who don't like seafood, don't worry! Biloxi has a plethora of casinos, museums, hotels, resorts, beaches and restaurants.

Bay St. Louis

Located in Hancock County, Mississippi, the beach town of Bay St. Louis is considered one of the best places to live on the beautiful Mississippi coast! With just over 10,009 residents, Bay St Louis is a small but mighty town that is sure to please any of its visitors. For history and art lovers, the Alice Moseley Folk Art Museum is an absolute gem, leaving visitors in awe, showcasing several beautiful pieces of folk art, steeped in history. Don't like art or history? No problem! Bay Saint Louis beach is absolutely perfect for travelers of all ages, as it has warm waters, soft sands and beautiful views for all to enjoy. After a relaxing day of fun on Bay Saint Louis Beach, visitors will be delighted to discover delicious restaurants such as Starfish Cafe, The Blind Tiger and Mockingbird Cafe. After a satisfying local dining experience, hotels like Hollywood Casino, Super 8 and Silver Slipper Casino Hotel are the perfect places to check in and get a good night's sleep.


Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (4)

Admired for its abundance of nature, stunning coastline and ecotours, Gautier, in southern Mississippi, is a nature lover's dream. Small coastal towns boast stunning natural parks, such as the Mississippi Sandhill Crane National Wildlife Refuge, where visitors can hike its scenic trails overlooking beautiful wetlands, teeming with natural wildlife such as cranes and countless species of amphibians. Another unique Gautier experience is visiting Wat Buddhametta Mahaberemme, a Thai Buddhist temple, offering delicious and inexpensive Thai food, cultural and religious experiences, stunning architecture and friendly volunteers. Other fun activities to enjoy in Gautier include the Shell Landing Golf Course and the magnificent Shepard State Park.

Ocean Springs

Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (5)

Just a few miles from Biloxi, Mississippi,Ocean Springsit's as amazing as it sounds, with its natural features, including charming beaches, like the relaxing Front Beach, which is home to warm waters and sandy beaches. But that's not all because Ocean Springs is home! Visitors can also find numerous historical and artistic attractions, reflecting the beauty and history of the city and its culture through experiences such as the Walter Anderson Museum of Art, which showcases impressive local pieces. Another must-visit spot is the Mississippi Vietnam Veterans Memorial. For visitors looking to learn about Ocean Spring's intriguing history, the Ocean Springs Museum of History is an impressively crafted building filled with historic art, tours and artifacts.

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Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (6)

Home to 22,010 residents, nestled along the body of water known asMississippi Sound, which runs along the Gulf Coast, lies Pascagoula. A must-visit coastal city, mainly due to the islands close to the city. Just 15 miles south of the Mississippi Gulf Coast on the Gulf of Mexico lies a chain of protected islands such as Petit Bois Island and Horn Island. Unfortunately, visitors will need a boat to access the island, but if they can get there, Petit Bois Island offers an amazing experience of enjoying the clean, pristine beaches found on the island. If you can't make it to Petit Bois Island, no need to worry as the wonderful Pascagoula Beach Park is located on the mainland and is extremely popular with locals and tourists alike!

Long Beach

Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (7)

Home to 17,780 residents, stunning beaches, unique oak trees, world-class food and stunning resorts, Long Beach is sure to impress. Check into a luxury resort, popular options being the Island View Casino Resort, whose colorful lights illuminate the Long Beach skyline during the city's warm summer nights. When hunger strikes, Long Island has a wide variety of delicious restaurants like Steve's Marina Restaurant, Harbor View Cafe, Long Beach Market & Deli, Juan Tequila's and many more. After you've had a bite to eat, explore Long Island's breathtaking landmarks such as Friendship Oak; a large mature oak tree with sweeping branches reaching left, right and sky. Whether visitors are a family, couple, individual or group, "The Beach" at Long Beach is the perfect beach day destination. With dazzling waters and breathtaking views, visitors will find themselves in paradise at Long Beach.

christian pass

Mississippi's Most Charming Beach Towns (8)

With some of the cleanest, softest sandy beaches on the entire Mississippi coast, Pass Christian is beloved for its superb beaches, refreshing parks and delicious food. Whether visitors are renting a beach house, looking to move into town, or simply visiting for a full day trip to the beach, Pass Christian is a destination visitors would regret skipping! Some of the beaches in this lovely community of 5,686 residents include beautiful Henderson Point Beach; clean, refreshing and warm, and are loved by the locals. After a day at the beach, stop by Whiskey Prime Steakhouse with an almost 5 star rating, this delicious restaurant will never disappoint. Another perfect spot is the 5-star Sea Level Seafood Restaurant.

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Mississippi proves to be an utterly underrated state, with seaside towns scattered across the magnificent Gulf Coast. These hidden gem towns are well worth a visit, and visitors may never want to leave. They make excellent tourist getaways, as well as perfect communities for retiring or raising a family in the wild. Along the Gulf of Mexico, complete with affordable housing, abundant wildlife and flora, culture and delicious food, Mississippi is well worth a visit.

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