How to dye chocobo ffxiv? Quick and easy steps (2023)

In Final Fantasy 14 you can change the color of your Chocobo FFXIV. In this article, we'll take a look at how to color Chocobo Ffxiv.

After a player reaches level 14, they can change the color of their chocobo. Players can have their own chocobo mount once they reach this level of the game.

At this level they have unlocked the side quest My Little Chocobo. Unlike the main quest, this side quest is assigned to you by one of the officers from your hometown state.

Also, after they hit level 30, they can summon their chocobo into any battle.

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Can you dye a chocobo?

Before we look at how to dye chocobo ffxiv, let's answer whether you can dye the chocobo at all or not.

Yes, you can color your chocobo. However, to do this you must be able to stabilize and train your chocobo. When will you know you can color your chocobo?

After players complete level 30, they can color their chocobo. After level 30, however, they must complete the questline "My Fiery Little Chocobo." This side quest starts with Docette in Camp Tranquil.

How to dye chocobo ffxiv?

The following article explains how to color Chocobo Ffxiv.

· After completing the side quest, navigate to

·You should be able to see the following screen.

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·In the Current Color field, select the current color of your chocobo.

· By default, your Chocobo's color is set to Desert Yellow.

·In the Desired Color box, select the color you want your chocobo to be.

·After deciding what color you want your Chocobo to be, click the Calculate button. This will show you information about the color you selected.

·On ​​the information screen, you must note the color fruit requirements to get the desired chocobo color.

For example, if you want to change the color of your Chocobo from Desert Yellow to Snow White, you will need 5x Cieldalaes Pineapple, 13x Valfruit, 16x Doman Plum.

· Note the color fruit requirement.

· Now navigate to the View Feeding Order window.

·This will bring up a window like the one shown below.

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This list will show you the exact feeding order in which to feed the dried fruit to your chocobo to get the same color you desire.

Now you know how to color Chocobo Ffxiv.

Don't be alarmed if you accidentally feed your chocobo a Doman Plum when you're supposed to be feeding it a Valfruit.

If you make a mistake once or twice, you'll still get the color you want. However, try to minimize this error.

Can you change the chocobo color without a house?

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Unfortunately, not. You cannot change your chocobo's default color to a different color if you do not have a house, residence, stable, or scholarship.

Because to change the color of your chocobo you have to put it in a chocobo stable. Until you do this, you will not be able to change the color of your chocobo.

A player must purchase the dried fruit from a market board, and they can also obtain the fruit from an Allied Seals Trade Fair. However, a chocobo stable is required to feed them the dried fruit.

Even if a player doesn't own a house, they must belong to a Free Company that owns a house, stipend, or stable.

Now you know how to color chocobo ffxiv and your own chocobo pet.

How do I customize my Chocobo?

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Now that you know how to color chocobo ffxiv it's time we look at how to customize your chocobo.

You can customize your chocobo. However, to do this, you must have unlocked the chocobo rental at Wiz's Chocobo Post. Once you've done that, you can customize and color your chocobo.

After your customization is complete, you still have to pay a rental fee if you drive it, but you're happy with how it looks.

As previously mentioned, you can only customize Chocobo in the Chocobo Post.

You must look for a woman standing between the stables and the Wiz. Go near her and talk to her. From here you can collect new greens for your seed and also customize your chocobo.

Select a customization option. You can also change your steed's name from here.

In order to change your chocobo's feather colors into new feathers, you have to play different games, races and quests for Wiz.

The ultimate customization option allows you to attach medals to your chocobo.

The basic medal is of course the Replica Medal. But as you participate in more and more races and quests, you'll need access to more and more medals to attach to your chocobo.

Best Chocobo Colors ffxiv

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You already know how to color Chocobo Ffxiv. Now let's look at the best chocobo colors ffxiv.

There are multiple colors that you can choose for your Chocobo Ffxiv. There are many rare colors and some standard colors.

Any chocobo expert will tell you that Snow White and Soot Black are the rarest colors for any chocobo.

However, since all chocobo colors require almost the same items, they are pretty much the same.

Besides plain white and black, other colors are also available, like the ugly brown and the flashy yellow.

However, if you want yellow as your chocobo color, you might want to reconsider sticking with the default desert yellow.

As previously mentioned, there are many beautiful colors for Chocobo. Here are the names of some of them - Gloom Purple, Grape Purple, Lotus Pink, Acorn Brown, Apple Green, Ash Gray, Bark Brown, Blood Red, Han Lemon, Bone White, Cactuar Green, Charcoal Grey, Distant Blood Red, Royal Blue , Chestnut Brown, Xelphatol Apple, Colibri Pink, Hunt Billmaster, Honey Yellow, Woad Blue, UI Brown, Mamook Pear, Ice Blue, Slate Gray, Lime Green, Marsh Green and many others.

You can check the available colors for your chocobo on this page - Use Dropbox to navigate through all available colors.

After landing on this website you will see a Ffxiv Chocobo Color Calculator on the bottom corner of your screen. The calculator gives you a feeding list with low fruit consumption.

Can you make your chocobo the new dye?

How to dye chocobo ffxiv? Quick and easy steps (7)

After choosing the color you want in the game world for your chocobo, it's time to see the feeding order in which you need to feed the dried fruit to him.

Once you have the Dye Fruits, you'll need to feed your chocobo to get the color you want.

It's time to stable your chocobo and you need to feed your chocobo the dye fruits in the exact amount and order to get the color you want.

Once you've fed your chocobo all the dye fruits mentioned on the website, it will start changing the color of its feather.

Let's take a look at the feeding process of snacks. You can also get a list of the Dye Fruits to feed your Chocobo by using the Color Calculator.

It takes about 6 hours (Earth time) to complete the color conversion. Depending on the Snacks (Chocobo Food) you have fed your Chocobo, its color will change accordingly.

Also, it would be best if you put your chocobo in the stable so that it changes color accordingly.

After the new color is stable on the chocobo, players can start feeding it fresh snacks.

Each snack changes the RGB values ​​of the color accordingly.

According to the order, after feeding the first snack to the chocobo, all other snacks must be fed within 6 hours.

Now you know the entire color changing process for your chocobo.

Unfortunately, players will not be able to see their chocobo's new color until six hours have passed, and the color will not change in real time.

If they fed the snacks in the correct order, their chocobo would have the color they wanted.


In this article, we took a look at how to color Chocobo Ffxiv. In conclusion, you should know that you can only dye Chocobo Ffxiv after reaching level 30 and completing the My Little Chocobo side quest.

If you're new to Final Fantasy XIV and have never changed the color of your Chocobo Ffxiv, don't worry. Visit this page to see all the available colors you can have for your Chocobo Ffxiv

Once you've decided what color you want your Chocobo Ffxiv to be, you'll need to feed the snacks to your Chocobo in the exact order.

Also, you cannot dye Chocobo Ffxiv unless you place them in a Chocobo stable first.

The process of changing colors is the same for Fat Chocobos and Slim Chocobos.

Some unique colors to try on your Chocobo are Regal Purple, Coral Pink, and Square Enix. These colors also match the color of your mount.

Let us know if you have any further confusion on how to change chocobo's color in the comments section.

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How to dye chocobo ffxiv? Quick and easy steps (8)


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