15+ amazing things to do in Jackson MS (2023)

Jackson, Mississippi is a small town especially popular for its incredibly rich culture, history and vegetation. Often referred to as the City of Soul, Jackson has many attractions that will make your trip worthwhile.

From perusing stunningly beautiful artwork at local museums to sampling mouth-watering local cuisine at the many popular restaurants, there are plenty of fun activities for every traveler in Jackson,Mississippi.

Ready to learn more? Here are over 15 things to do in Jackson MS that you simply cannot miss.

Mississippi Museum of Art

OMississippi Museum of Artit is a standout attraction in the city, as it remains the largest public museum in the state. It opened its doors to the public in 1978 and has since collected a plethora of beautiful art pieces by British and American artists.

Explore the various exhibits throughout the massive 54,000 square foot complex. The temporary and permanent exhibitions are a very beautiful place to visit. The museum is also a cultural epicenter, with artwork by local artists proudly displayed. Finally, you can also leave the place and enjoy the famous food truck of the place.

Mississippi Civil Rights Museum

In downtown Jackson, theMississippi Civil Rights Museumis one of the largest museums in the United States dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. It has preserved various artifacts from that specific era and helps visitors understand the importance of the Civil War. If you want to learn more about how the Civil Rights Movement came to be, this is the perfect place.

You can take a guided tour of the numerous permanent and temporary exhibits focusing on the events leading up to the Civil War and its aftermath. The best part is that admission to the museum is free on Sundays, and you can explore the eight main galleries at a leisurely pace or take a guided tour.

Casa Medgar Evers

OCasa Medgar Eversit is one of the most popular historic sites in the country, as it was the home of prominent civil rights activist, Medgar Evers. Evers was a prominent voice against the oppression that African Americans faced on a daily basis. After returning home from one of his Civil Rights meetings, Byron De La Beckwith fatally shot the Civil Rights leader as he entered his home on June 11, 1963.

After his murder, Medgar Evers' wife Myrlie Evers soon moved to California and would soon rent the house. In 2017, the house became a National Monument.

Freedom Riders bus station

The Freedom Riders were one of the most effective ways for civil rights activists to fight unnecessary segregation across the country. Activists took Freedom Rides through bus terminals with blatantly racist signs like "whites only".

The bus terminal most Civil Rights activists would use was theOld Greyhound Bus Station. It was also where several high-profile arrests took place in 1961, which became another important springboard for the entire Civil Rights Movement.

The building currently belongs to Robert Parker Adams, who purchased the site in 1988 and has since restored its interiors and exteriors. The city has also added an explanatory marker to the sight, which makes it one of the most notable landmarks in the city.

Mississippi Children's Museum

If you've come to the city with your family, then a fun attraction worth visiting is theMississippi Children's Museum. The compound has six main sections, focusing on a specific field of study or interest. One of the highlights of any visit is the “Exploring Mississippi” exhibit, which has a huge map of the city. Children can climb the exhibit, learning about the state's unique geography and culture.

In addition to the indoor exhibits, the complex also has two gardens offering lots of fun activities. The Literacy Garden focuses on communication and language skills. In contrast, Pollinator's Playground Garden is open to the public and addresses the role pollinators play in helping people grow food.

Mississippi Petrified Forest

Of course, if you want to see some of the geographical wonders that Jackson has to offer,Mississippi's Petrified Forestit is an important attraction to see. This ancient forest stands out from anything most people have ever seen, as the trees and surroundings have been turned to stone. Several hikes take you through the petrified forest, showing off all the unique fossils.

Mississippi's Petrified Forest is also home to the Earth Science Museum, which delves into the details of the earth and how it came to be that way. You can also find several other fossils, such as dinosaur footprints or whale bones. And don't forget to take a photo with the “caveman bench”, a conveniently placed petrified tree that has taken the form of a bench.

Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center

OMuseu Smith Robertsonis an incredible attraction to visit in the city, as it was the first African-American school in the city. The school has now become a museum, with a renovated building that teaches visitors about the school and African-American culture.

Permanent exhibits throughout the museum are especially impressive, as they focus on the struggles that surround the daily lives of African Americans. On special occasions like Juneteenth and Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., the museum will also host temporary exhibits dedicated to the many contributors to the Civil Rights Movement and Black Lives Matter protests.

If you want to educate yourself about the complexities of the African-American experience, a visit to the Smith Robertson Museum and Cultural Center is a great way to start.

Mississippi Museum of Natural Science

One of the biggest attractions in the entire state, theMississippi Museum of Natural Scienceit's a fun place for the whole family. Founded in 1932, the museum has several exhibitions that can arouse the interest of people, regardless of age. From teenagers to children, everyone can have fun looking around the museum and its many exhibits.

The museum includes a huge aquarium with many species of fish, as well as life-size replicas of dinosaurs. You can even take a guided tour of the entire facility, where a tour guide can show you all the fun exhibits they have in store for you.

Kids can also get outside and explore the outdoor maze, as well as several fun exhibits outside. It also hosts several temporary exhibitions on special days of the year, so you'll want to mark your calendars for these events.

jackson zoo

jackson zooit is possibly one of the most fun places to visit in the city, especially for its size and variety of animals. Witness up to 202 animal species across the massive 101-acre complex. With a total of 380 animals at the zoo, visitors have the chance to see many of these unique animals interact with their habitat, creating a fun and often exciting experience.

In addition, the zoo is also home to 10 different species of endangered animals. Some of these species include lemurs, spider monkeys and leopards. The Jackson Zoo opened in 1919 and since then has made many conservation efforts for its endangered species.

You can even take a guided tour of the zoo, where a tour guide can show you all the animals in the zoo, offering interesting facts about each one. Kids can even play on the splash pad for free after paying admission, but it only stays open until 4.

Cathead Distillery

Are you looking to try some of the best spirits in town? OCathead Distilleryit's the perfect place to visit, as it stands out as one of the best distilleries in the entire city. Choose from their wide selection of wines, vodkas and many other spirits that you can enjoy. Even if you're looking for something special to buy for someone special, you might be making multiple trips to try each of the flavors they have on offer.

As fun as it is to drink with friends and try new flavors, there are plenty of other activities for you to try. You can take a tour of the entire distillery, with the guide explaining the process of making these spirits and the ingredients involved.

The venue also hosts live events and small table tennis tournaments, making it a great place to visit even if you don't want to try the drinks selection.

Blue Front Café

While this stretches the definition of something to do in Jackson, as it is about 30 miles northwest of the city, theBlue Front Caféon Highway 49 is well worth the visit. The venue itself is a very popular juke joint, which was instrumental in the development of Mississippi's unique blend of Blues music.

Coffee is so important to the state's identity that it even has an informational marker next to it, with its corresponding road called the Mississippi Blues Trail. It's the perfect place to sit back and relax while listening to signature Bentonia Blues and Delta Blues.

The cafe offers an excellent selection of whiskeys, wines, beers and other drinks that go perfectly with the unique mix of music. If you want to hear a new and smooth genre of music, head to the Blue Front Café.

Brent's Drugs Malt Shop

Jackson is a city that values ​​its history and renovates it to bring it back to its former glory. And one of the best examples of this beloved story isBrent's Drugs Malt Shop. Originally opened to the public in 1946, the restaurant offers a lot of classic comfort food, with recipes older than most of its visitors.

They have a wide selection of fun and tasty milkshakes, smoothies and slushies, as well as some of the best burgers and pancakes you can find in town. They even keep the 1940s restaurant aesthetic alive, providing visitors with a fun and authentic dining experience.

You can check their website for different hours and specials. Overall, Brent's Drugs Malt Shop is one of the best things to do in Jackson MS.

LeFleur's Bluff State Park

Jackson offers visitors an authentic camping experience, without leaving the city, inLeFleur's Bluff State Park. Covering over 305 acres of land, this park offers all the fun outdoor activities you could ever want. From boating and fishing to camping and hiking, you can do activities throughout this massive forest.

Of course, you don't have to do anything too exciting when visiting the park and you can just relax by the lake surrounded by nature. Hiking trails take you to all the park's best attractions and are the best way to capture some of the local wildlife in their natural habitat.

Mississippi State Capitol and Capitol Museum

Like most other Capitol buildings in other states, theMississippi State Capitolbuilding is open to the public through several tours. These guided tours take you around the building, showing you all the best parts of the Capitol building. It is a historic landmark in the state, tirelessly preserved and brought back to its original glory.

Visitors can admire the beautiful architecture, visit the public gallery and learn about the historical significance of the building itself. Finally, you can end your journey with a visit to the gift shop, which offers accessories and clothing.

Mississippi Museum of Agriculture and Forestry

OMississippi Agricultural and Forestry Museumit is one of the most exclusive attractions in the city. The entire museum is a recreation of a 1920s town that focused on cotton farming. You can find many historical artifacts such as centuries-old farming tools. You can also learn more about how the city operated and how it harvested its crops.

The museum also has a heritage center, which tells the agricultural history of the state. Finally, you can even visit a barn, which features lots of farm animals such as cows and horses for you to get acquainted with.

Russell C. Davis Planetarium

Jackson is home to one of the largest and best equipped planetariums in the south - theRussell C. Davis Planetarium.

Catch a show in their giant hemispherical theater, where you'll learn not only about space, but dinosaurs, oceans and everything in between.

In addition to the many amazing educational programs offered here, you will also find other events here such as film screenings, festivals and much more. A visit here is one of the best things to do in Jackson!

Jackson MS FAQ

Why is Jackson, Mississippi so famous?

Jackson is a city steeped in history and known for being the state capital of Mississippi. It is home to the Mississippi State Capitol building and the Old Capitol Museum.

What kind of food is Jackson, MS known for?

Jackson, MS is known for good Southern cuisine! You'll find fried catfish and Mississippi mud pie that are popular here.

What are the three things Mississippi is best known for?

Mississippi is best known for Bluegrass, Cotton, and Catfish music.


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